Adesso Debuts Foldable Keyboards

Adesso, a manufacturer of computer input peripherals, today unveiled a new line of USB full size and mini foldable keyboards. The new full size AKB-230 (white and black colors) and mini-sized AKB-210 (black) are priced at $29.99 and available now.

Adesso’s AKB-230 and mini-sized AKB-210 USB keyboards, said the company, are soft and silicon-based, making them not only foldable but also resistant to water, dust and other potential containments. Features include silent typing, a flat design to reduce stress to wrists, a USB to PS/2 adapter, compatibility with Windows based PCs and LED lights for num-lock, caps lock and scroll lock.

The AKB-230 keyboards have 109 keys, while the AKB-210 comes with 85 keys.

“Our unique, foldable and rollable keyboards are the best solution for any PC application where moisture, dust, bacteria, and other elements are abundant,” said Allen Ku, CEO of Adesso, in a statement. “They’re impervious to the elements and they’re also washable to ensure longevity and maintain productivity. They’re also light, slim, and portable to provide comfort and worry-free typing when in the field.”