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Fitbit teams up with Alexa to offer voice-activated fitness data

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Following the launch of several Amazon Alexa-connected devices like the Echo and Tap, a number of other companies have shown an interest in getting involved with voice-activated technologies and Fitbit is one of the first to sign on. Now users of both services can find out information from their Fitbit, simply by using their voice.

Amazon’s Alexa system utilizes the Internet of Things to find information on the fly, based on queries the user may have. What Fitbit integration allows is a number of new questions and potential answers. If you’ve been wearing your Fitbit wearable tracker for a while, you can ask questions like:

  • How much sleep did I get on Saturday?
  • How many minutes have I been active today?
  • How much water have I had?
  • How many calories do I have left today?

You will need to preface each question by saying “Alexa” first, but once you do, there are a lot of new things you can ask the service, as long as you have the Fitbit data for her to draw from (as per VentureBeat).

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That’s the key aspect of Alexa that Amazon is hoping will catch on. As it stands, the system has access to some information, but the more third-party companies that it can team up with, the better and broader a service it can offer.

Fitbit is a logical partner though, as it has in the past shown a lot of interest in working with other companies. It previously teamed up with Microsoft to offer a similar service to Cortana users. A representative said in a statement that the new partnership with Alexa will allow it to expand the functionality of the service it offers to customers, and will also open up new avenues for integration in the future.

It’s these sorts of joint ventures which will help both burgeoning markets — wearables and Iot devices — to grow ever faster over the next few years.

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