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Alicia Keyes’ MySpace Hacked

Alicia Keyes' MySpace HackedAlicia Keyes has the fourth most popular MySpace music page. That’s great for her, but it wasn’t  good news for anyone visiting it, since,according to Roger Thompson, CTO of Exploit Prevention Labs, it had been hacked, along with an unknown number of other MySpace pages.   Although MySpacefixed the problem – one which exposed visitors to malware that could install itself on a user’s computer – there was a gap of three or four day between the hack and the correction.And since the fix, the page has apparently been hacked again.   In his blog, Thompson had noted the rise inattacks on MySpace pages. Some were links added as friend-comments that went via MySpace’s open-redirector to exploit sites in China. More recently, Thompson, noted, pages had “image-backgroundlink injected, that are reaching out to a different site in China that is both throwing exploits and using social engineering to install rootkits and (probably) dns-changers.”   Because oftheir popularity, social networking sites are likely to find more and more hackers attacking them.

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