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This 500Hz Alienware gaming monitor’s price just dropped by $300

Overwatch 2 running on the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor.
A 500Hz refresh rate arguably makes this Alienware LCD display one of the lowest input lag monitors available. Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Check out Dell for some of the best monitor deals out there, including a massive $300 off the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor. Usually costing $700, it’s down to $400 for a limited time, meaning you’re saving a hefty chunk of change. If you want the smoothest of gaming monitors, this is your chance to do so. Here’s what to expect from it before you hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware makes some of the best gaming monitors around so if you’re looking for the smoothest and best looking experience, this is the ideal brand to seek out. With this particular Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor, you’re looking at a 25-inch full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Crucially, it uses a fast IPS panel with a refresh rate of 500Hz. That’s huge. Most other monitors top out at 240Hz if you’re lucky but often stick around the 120-165Hz mark. The refresh rate measures how many times per second the display can update the onscreen image meaning the higher the number, the smoother the screen looks for you.

Adding to that functionality, the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor has Nvidia G-Sync support which further helps with smooth and better image quality. There’s also a response time of just 0.5ms so there’s no after-image behind your cursor. The monitor also supports Nvidia Reflex Analyzer so you can plug your mouse into the monitor’s latency port to receive a precise measurement on how quickly the display updates after your mouse clicks. All these features mean that the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor isn’t just one of the best monitors but the ultimate choice for competitive games players.

Besides the speediness of the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor, there’s also consistent color coverage and vibrant visuals thanks to VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification and sRGB 99% color coverage. The Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor is also fully adjustable with height adjustment markers so you can get things just how you need them to look.

A fantastic choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously, the Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor is currently down to $400 at Dell. It normally costs $700 so you save $300 by buying today. Take a look for yourself by tapping the button below but be fast so you don’t miss out.

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