Alienware Selects VIA K8T800 For Aurora

VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced the VIA K8T800 chipset has been selected ahead of competing solutions for Alienware’s Aurora high-performance PCs, further endorsing the VIA K8T800 as the best performing chipset for the AMD64 platform.

Alienware’s new Aurora PCs, based on the high-performance AMD Athlon 64 FX and AMD Athlon 64 processors, will feature the VIA K8T800 chipset that harnesses VIA’s advanced Hyper8 technology, delivering the industry’s fastest HyperTransport link between processor and chipset. Providing full support for the most comprehensive range of I/O and storage technologies, the K8T800 chipset has beaten all competition to become the undisputed leader on the AMD64 platform.

“The key to the success of the K8T800 chipset has been unmatched performance, thanks to VIA Hyper8 technology and an unparalleled feature set, including native Serial ATA and V-RAID,” commented Timothy Chen, Head of U.S. Sales and Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “By working with prestigious companies such as Alienware, we intend to stay at the forefront of the AMD64 revolution, and build upon our position as the leading supplier of core-logic chipsets for the AMD platform.”

“As the world’s leading supplier of high-performance systems, our customers demand cutting-edge technology,” said Kevin Wasielewski, Vice President of Marketing for Alienware Corporation.  “Alienware is proud to offer VIA’s K8T800 chipsets in Alienware Aurora systems and remains committed to offering the best performing components available in all of our systems.”

About the VIA K8T800 Chipset

The VIA K8T800 chipset enables an exciting new generation of 64-bit capable performance desktop PCs and Media Centers for enthusiasts and consumers who demand the most sophisticated graphics capabilities for gaming and digital video editing. VIA’s acclaimed Hyper8 technology enables a full 16-bit/1.6GHz implementation of the high bandwidth HyperTransport processor-to-chipset link, which ensures that all AMD64 processor-based systems can achieve their full performance potential.

In combination with the market-leading VIA VT8237 South Bridge and a broad array of VIA companion chips, the VIA K8T800 chipset provides the most comprehensive range of storage, multimedia and connectivity features available for the AMD Athlon 64 processor platform today, including native Serial ATA/RAID, VIA Vinyl audio, VIA Velocityâ„¢ Gigabit Ethernet, and USB2.0.