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Amped Wireless’ new Ally Wi-Fi promises coverage for up to 15,000 square feet

Amped Wireless ALLY, a Whole Home Smart Wi-Fi System
Live in a mansion? You might need the new Ally Wi-Fi system, which promises 15,000 square feet of secure wireless coverage for, quite literally, every part of your home. Promising “built-in web protection and real-time monitoring of network traffic, web based downloads and user-generated searches,” the Ally seems to have you covered in more ways than one.

Branded as “the first seamless roaming solution,” the Ally can actually be controlled from your mobile device, so no matter where you are in your 15,000 square foot house, you’ll have full control. Moreover, Ally boasts parental controls that help cautious guardians manage and limit access to certain content, websites, or apps. Parents can even monitor and segment their children’s screen time, or set a curfew so bedtime means, well, bedtime.

As for the security of the system, AVG Technologies has the Ally on lock. The software company has partnered with the hardware company to help keep customers safe. By downloading the Ally app, system owners will be able to “safeguard devices from malware by activating AVG’s free, built-in web protection and real- time monitoring of network traffic.” In fact, a number of Ally’s features — the security functions, parental control options, and associated iOS and Android apps — are built on AVG’s smart router platform known as Chime.

“AVG’s Innovation Labs created Chime to simplify security and router technology for connected families,” Todd Simpson, Chief Strategy Officer of AVG Technologies, said of the platform. “In time this will be like an antivirus for the home that can stop threats before they reach devices.”

And thanks to the Ally’s 802.11ac, Multi-User MIMO technology, those using this next generation Wi-Fi system should be able to stream HD content at faster speeds to multiple devices at once, and enjoy a reliable, whole-home internet connection.

“Innovation is part of our DNA here at Amped Wireless,” said Jason Owen, Executive Vice President of Networking, Amped Wireless. “We are elated to announce ALLY and our partnership with AVG. By combining Amped Wireless’ award winning high power technology with AVG’s software and security expertise, we’ve created the industry’s best whole-home Wi-Fi solution. The result is a one-of-a-kind system that performs at the highest levels while providing a user experience that is second to none, bringing peace of mind to users as their network and families are protected.”

The Ally starts at $200, and has an estimated delivery date of early October.

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