Altec Lansing Debuts GT5051 Speaker System

Each $149.95 (MSRP) system consists of just three satellite speakers and one subwoofer, thanks to a novel front/rear speaker combo design in which each “rear” speaker is permanently attached to a front speaker in a one-piece vertical stack. This strategy conserves space, simplifies setup and tames cable chaos by removing two satellites and associated wires from the mix.

Surround sound is achieved by equipping the top speaker in each stack with patent-pending Side-Firing Dipole Surround(TM) technology that disseminates sound from both front and back (hence “dipole”). Audio effects then bounce off walls and boomerang back to you, creating the sensation that you are standing in the middle of strafing jets, attacking armies, or the musicians in the studio at the latest Aerosmith recording session.

Along with clear-as-a-bell dialogue from the center speaker and grab-you-by-the-throat bass from the 5.25″ ported subwoofer set, you also get:

— 6-channel sound even from 2- or 4-channel sources, via special circuitry that upmixes the audio from TVs, portable CD players, or 2- or 4-channel sound cards.

— Three-device connectivity, with three inputs that allow users to connect a computer, a portable audio device, and a TV, DVD player or console game simultaneously.

— Flexible center speaker placement, with a special design that makes it possible to install the center channel either above or below your monitor or TV screen. An auto-detect feature also allows you to remove the center speaker without dialogue loss.

— Grills-on or grills-off style options, thanks to removable satellite grills that conceal metal-look trim rings suitable for dorm rooms and other wanna-look-cool settings.

Each vertical stack is less than 4″ wide, 4″ deep and 8″ high, with compact center channel and subwoofer cabinets. Each system includes separate controls for power, master volume, and center, surround and subwoofer volume; ships with a headphone jack for private listening; and includes color-coded cables for easy installation.

Altec Lansing’s new GT5051 5.1 Powered Audio System with Side-Firing Dipole Surround Technology will be available this month at leading consumer electronics, computer, and home entertainment retailers. The company also sells the GT5051 direct from