AMD Communicator Gains Attention

PIC offers a low cost computing solution with managed Internet access and Microsoft Windows capabilities, which targets users in developing markets like China, Russia, Mexico, India and theCaribbean. Samsung, which played an integral role in the development and manufacturing of the PIC system, will be the supplier providing AMD with DRAM-based memory solutions that meet the PICtechnology and cost requirements.

AMD’s goal is to deliver affordable, accessible Internet connectivity and computing capabilities to half of the world’s population by 2015. According to the company, the new PIC system represents a major milestone in reaching that goal.

“Samsung’s collaboration with AMD is a major step toward fulfilling our commitment to help people in the developing world gain easy access to information,” said Tom Quinn, senior vice president of marketing at San Jose-based Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “The PIC is a major milestone in reaching out to billions of people across the globe and helping them access the Internet, in part through a highly efficient application of Samsung memory technology.”

“Through our work with Samsung, we are one step closer to bringing the Internet to the largely untapped global market that stands to benefit from access to information about everything from health, weather and friends to technology, travel and the environment,” said Gino Giannotti, vice president of Value Platforms, at AMD.

The new PIC consumer device will be built using Samsung’s DDR1-based, small-outline, dual inline memory modules (SODIMM), which are small circuit boards that hold memory chips, most notably used in notebook computers.

You can see pictures at AMD