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AMD’s Wraith cooler brings its ice age to two more FX-series processors

amd expands wraiths chilly influence over fx lineup amdwraithcooler
AMD’s Wraith CPU cooler is one of the more well-received releases from the regularly second-place company in recent years. Offering solid performance for the CPUs it’s bundled with, the Wraith coolers work well, for those not looking to go into the world of aftermarket upgrades. And now more people can appreciate that, as both the FX 8350 and FX 6350 come with one in the box, too.

Introduced earlier this year, the Wraith was initially bundled with the FX 8370 and eventually a few other processors in the FX line. Due to the popular reception of that move, it looks like AMD has decided to expand its availability once again with these newly fleshed out bundles.

While this is a move that is unlikely to convert Intel die-hards to buy an AMD CPU instead, what this does mean is that AMD’s processors offer even more value than they did before.

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Always a value, rather than performance option, AMD’s processors have regularly been considered for lower-powered builds. They do, however, often require the purchase of an aftermarket cooler, which isn’t so great when you’re trying to save money. Now that you won’t have to and you can enjoy silent cooling, that’s something that system builders can appreciate.

In a statement (via BetaNews) AMD did get a little excited by the whole event and even said that “HTC recommends the AMD FX 8350 as a VR-ready processor.” That is technically true, although you would struggle to find someone at DigitalTrends who would recommend it over its Intel counterpart if you are building a gaming system.

It’s possible that AMD’s emphasis on extra cores will make its CPUs more viable under DirectX 12, which utilizes multiple threads much more efficiently, but chances are you’re going to want to wait until the Zen CPUs drop to consider an AMD CPU for high-end gaming purposes.

In the meantime, though, if you’re building a lower-powered system, AMD’s Wraith coolers are now available more broadly than they were before, so you won’t necessarily need to buy an after-market cooler as well.

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