Bundles offer only option for Fury X buyers

AMD Radeon Fury X
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The launch of AMD’s Fury X GPUs hasn’t been quite as smooth as the company would like, with some reviews being far from stellar, issues with some publications being denied samples, and now there seems to be issues with supply. While that should at least mean that the cards are proving popular, allowing demand to outstrip supply in a marketplace saturated with competition is not necessarily an ideal scenario.

The waiting time for prospective buyers is different depending on which retailer you look to and which manufacturing partner you were hoping to buy from. As Phoronix reports, Amazon’s listing for the Sapphire R9 Fury X 4GB is citing a shipping time of between one to three weeks.

Think that’s a lot? Hopefully you aren’t an XFX fan, as its version on the same retail site isn’t set to ship for another one to three months!

At least this is better than what some other retail sites are listing the GPUs as though. Some, like Newegg are merely putting the cards as out of stock.

Although things are likely to ease up a little for the new Fury X liquid-cooled card when the air cooled version shows up on July 14, for now those wanting to try out AMD’s latest high-bandwidth-memory (HBM) sporting GPUs will need to do so with the $650 Fiji card.

Although it appears like getting hold of one is impossible right now, there is one solution: a bundle deal, which comes with a motherboard and RAM and possibly a CPU too. Most retailers seem to still have enough stock of the new cards to kit them out. Of course that is going to make this a more substantial upgrade than just a GPU, but it’s difficult to ever have too much power in your gaming rig.