AMD intros Athlon MP 2800+

The AMD Athlon MP 2800+ is based on a new core that features more L2 cache than previous AMD Athlon MP processors, and allows additional information to be stored closer to the processor for improvedperformance. Designed for entry-level servers and workstations, the AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+ complements AMD’s multiprocessing lineup. All AMD Athlon MP processors take advantage of AMD’s stableSocket A infrastructure, which provides an easy upgrade path for IT managers and delivers the compatibility that can help lower a company’s total cost of ownership.

“AMD works closely with computer manufacturers to bring the right technology and performance levels to enterprises,” said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD’s MicroprocessorBusiness Unit. “With the AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+, we are helping to ensure that companies currently standardized on 32-bit applications receive the reliability and price/performance they needfrom their servers and workstations for mission-critical applications.”

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities, research laboratories and leading corporations use AMD Athlon MP processors for compute-intensive applications.

Aventis, a world leader in the discovery, development and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical products, relies on AMD Athlon MP processor-based systems to help reduce time-to-market forpotentially life-saving drugs. “Our 34-node cluster computer powered by AMD Athlon MP processors gives us the floating-point advantage we need to screen the vast amounts of data our researchrequires,” said Anil Nair, senior associate scientist, Aventis. “It’s making a substantial difference in the way we do research, and our goal is to double our parallel processing capability in thecoming year to increase our researchers’ productivity.”

Systems featuring the AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+ are expected to be available immediately from system builders worldwide. For information on where to buy an AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+-basedsystem see,,30_118_1278_809^3885,00.html.

The AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+ is priced at $275 in 1,000-unit quantities. For additional information on pricing, please visit