AMD’s rumored 380x may have just broken cover in new production card images

amd rumored r9 380x pictured 380xthumb

With margins as low as they are on graphics cards, selling as many of them as possible is the name of the game. That in turn means having a very wide and deep range of GPU options for consumers, so it is no surprise that following the release of the new Fiji XT high-end graphics cards, as well as AMDs 390x, 390 and 380, there are rumors that there is a 380x card in the works too.

This would not only complete the top end line up of AMD’s new generation of graphics cards, but also match up with the previous generation, where the 200 series also had a 290X, 280 and 280x.

There’s strong evidence for it too, as Expreview claims to have pictures from an “insider” source. You can see a couple of the images above, which show a fully production finished GPU, with a twin-fan cooler sitting over a heatpipe-equipped aluminum heatsink.

This particular card looks to be part of XFX’s line up, rather than a stock AMD card. That means that it likely has slightly better cooling than the reference cards and may have adjusted clocks too. However since we don’t know what those are, or any other real specifications since AMD has yet to officially announce it, all we can do is speculate there.

Using clever guesswork from the same “insider” sources suggests that this may be a Tonga GPU, which is the same as the one found in the R9 380 reference card. That’s the same GPU we saw used in last generation’s R9 285, but since most of AMD’s new generation have used older technolgy in rebranded cards, that wouldn’t be surprising.

That said, the R9 390X rebranded card didn’t come just as it did before. It saw a bump up to 8GB of memory, from last generation’s 290x, which featured just 4GB. It could well be that if the 380x turns out to be a rebranded 285, that it too would be boosted up.

How much memory do you think the 380x will come fitted with?