AMD’s CEO suggests the wait for new Radeon cards will continue

In Advanced Micro Devices’ quarterly conference call on April 16 with investors and financial analysts, the company announced that it will discuss next-gen GPUs later this quarter. This is quite a bit later than hoped, as earlier rumored at suggested the new Radeons could be rolled out in the early months of 2015. Obviously, that hasn’t happened, and it now seems it won’t happen for another month, maybe two.

CEO Lisa Su said that the company expects its products to take a strong lead in the second half of the year, according to Fudzilla. However, the delay has cleared the path for Nvidia to continue rolling out GPUs without much competition.

“I’ve talked about Carrizo being a strong product for us, I talked about some of our graphics launches that we’ll talk about later this quarter,” Su said on the call, according to Maximum PC. “So from our standpoint, I would say the first half of the year, we had some, let’s call it, some of our issues that we were correcting in terms of the channel, and then a weaker than expected market environment.”

In February 2015, AMD wrote on Facebook that it was “putting the finishing touches” on its Radeon 300 series. This fell in line with rumors that the company was in the midst of completing the certification process for a new graphic board for the company’s Fiji XT GPU, and lead to expectations that a launch would come in response to Nvidia’s new GTX 980.

AMD’s revenue for this past quarter is down 26 percent from the same quarter last year. During the investor call, much of this was blamed on inventory issues. Su promised a stronger second half in 2015 as it begins shipments of new graphics products and accelerated processing units later this quarter. Su also noted that she would like to see some regain of share in both the desktop and notebook markets.