AMD’s new E-Series APUs prioritize low cost, battery life

AMD E Series APU processor and GPU

AMD is not taking a breather. It’s only been a few weeks since the company released the new Trinity notebook APUs and just a couple days since the announcement of the Trinity A-Series desktop APUs. Now AMD has another new product line to unveil – the revised E-Series.

The new E-Series lineup includes just two APUs, the E1-1200 and the E2-1800. Both are dual-core processors and both include 80 Radeon Cores in the GPU. The E2-1800 has a CPU clock of 1.7GHz and a GPU clock of 680MHz, while the E1-1200 has to make do with 1.4GHz and 500MHz, respectively.

Although the GPU portions of each part have the same number of cores, AMD has decided to provide them with different names to represent the performance gaps created by the difference in clock speed. The E1-1200’s GPU will be known as the HD 7310 while the E2-1800’s part will be known as the HD 7340.

Interestingly, the new E-Series APUs only consume 18 watts at full load, which is actually one watt higher than a Trinity low-voltage APU. AMD’s press release quotes a maximum resting battery life of 11 hours, which is an hour short of what AMD claimed for its new Trinity A-Series low-voltage part. This means that the E-Series exists to provide a low-cost option, rather than additional battery life.

Both APUs come with support for DirectX 11. They also include AMD Quick Stream, a driver technology that prioritizes streaming video. The platform includes support for up to 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Pricing was not included in the announcement. With that said, we expect laptops based on the new parts to start between $350 and $500, which is where previous-generation E-Series laptops reside.