Give your laptop a second screen with this 17-inch, USB-powered travel monitor from AOC

A lot of folks travel for business. Some of those same people may also need to present something to a client, or at an in-house meeting. Either way, it’s monitors like these that get the job done in such instances.

Check out the AOC 17-inch USB Monitor, which, as its name suggests, is powered via a single USB cable. There’s no need to fumble around with thick, black power cables like the ones you’re accustomed to dealing with when it comes to displays. There’s none of that here.

This monitor features a 1,600 x 900 resolution, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a stand that allows you to put it in either landscape, or portrait mode. The stand is also fold-able, making it simpler to pack up and lug around with you.

Like with Auto Rotate on smartphones and tablets, any images on the AOC 17-inch USB Monitor will automatically adjust depending on whether the display is situated in landscape, or portrait mode. Move it from one to the other, and the orientation of whatever is on screen should change to match up with the display without needing any input from you.

This display can be mounted using a VESA bracket, and if you have multiple units, you can plug them all into the same laptop or PC, and use them in a multi-monitor setup.

The AOC 17-inch USB Monitor can be had for $200 right now.

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