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Apple has some ideas on how to spend your time in lockdown

In an apparent nod to the growing number of people around the world currently stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, Apple has started offering free 90-day trials of its Final Cut Pro X video editing software, and also its Logic Pro X audio production suite.

So if you’re a Mac user twiddling your thumbs and wondering how you’re going to fill the umpteenth day, or even week, in home isolation, how about learning a new skill by shooting some video or creating some audio and running it through these powerful pieces of software?

Apple previously offered a 30-day free trial for its $299 Final Cut Pro X software, but that’s now been extended to 90 days for a limited period. And let’s be frank, the software is so full of features that you’ll probably need those extras days to get your head around all that it has to offer.

As for Logic Pro X, this is the first time for Apple to offer a free trial of the $199 software, so it’s a good opportunity for audio producers and other creatives to take it for a spin.

For sure, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X require a decent chunk of time to properly learn, but immersing yourself during the lockdown is a good chance for some self-learning and should help you to momentarily forget that there’s a global pandemic going on out there.

To start your Final Cut Pro X free trial, head over to Apple’s product page for the software and you’ll find the “free trial” button at the top right of the page. At the time of writing, the button isn’t showing on the product page for Logic Pro X, but Apple is promising to launch the offer in the coming days — so it may already be showing.

Oh, and if you’re using a previous version of the Final Cut Pro trial, you’ll be able to use this version free for a further 90 days.

If you’re on the lookout for some alternatives to Final Cut Pro X that also work on other platforms, Digital Trends has some great suggestions for you. And here are some free alternatives to Logic Pro X, too.

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