Apple releases workaround for OS X Mavericks mail retrieval problem

apple releases workaround os x mavericks mail retrieval problem mac osx

Apple’s Mavericks operating system isn’t without its flaws. One of its bigger blemishes is an issue with the Mail app, which in some cases does not continue to receive new email after the app has been initially opened. In such instances, Mail will grab all of the emails that are new when the program is first launched. But after that? Nada. Zip. Zilch.

While Apple has yet to release a patch that fixes the problem, for the time being, Cupertino has published a clunky workaround to the problem that’ll at least alleviate the issue. However, the fix itself can be annoying too, depending on how much patience you have.

If you’ve encountered this specific problem with Mail in Mavericks, Apple recommends that with Mail open, click on Mailbox in the Menu Bar up top. Then, click Take All Accounts Offline. From there, undo what you just did by clicking the Get All New Mail option under Mailbox. You should now receive all of your new mail.

Alternatively, you can make this process a little easier on yourself by turning Take All Accounts Offline and Get All New Mail buttons into clickable, Toolbar-based buttons. With Mail open, click View, and then hit Customize Toolbar. From here, drag Take All Accounts Offline to your Toolbar. Then, do the same with the Get All New Mail button.

Now, all you’ll need to do to pull off the trick we initially described is click on Take All Accounts Offline on your Toolbar, then hit Get All New Mail. While it’s not an ideal fix, we can only assume that Apple is working to address the problem via an official patch. 

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