Apple rolls out MacBook Air software update to resolve Wi-Fi glitch and other issues

macbook-air-2013In a move to put to bed a number of issues regarding the new MacBook Air, Apple on Thursday rolled out a software update for affected users.

The fix is designed to take care of a Wi-Fi issue causing the connection to drop, a problem with a flickering screen apparent when using Photoshop, and an audio glitch that reportedly caused the laptop’s sound to fluctuate during video playback.

The latest iteration of Apple’s ultra-slim computer was unveiled at WWDC last month, bringing with it a faster graphics processor, better battery life and, when it worked, speedier Wi-Fi.

But soon after the revamped 11- and 13-inch machines started making their way into consumers’ hands, a number of forums sprang up with users complaining of connectivity problems. It’s not clear how widespread the Wi-Fi problem was for owners of the new machine – Apple never officially acknowledged the issue, although there were reports that staff at Apple stores in the US were being told to send any faulty Airs back to the tech giant for testing.

Other Air owners using Photoshop said they were noticing severe screen flickering, especially when using the larger brush tools. Then just last week, it became apparent that there was also an issue with fluctuating volume when watching video on some of the new machines.

The three fixes for the MacBook Air (mid 2013) can be grabbed in a single download from Apple’s website here. And, if you’re one of those in need of the update, you’ll be happy to hear that the most recent postings on the relevant forums suggest that it’s doing the job.