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Apple will release five new Macs in 2022, but no one expected this MacBook Pro

Apple is planning to release five new Macs in 2022, including a new entry-level version of the MacBook Pro.

The full list of upcoming Apple releases also includes a high-end iMac, a new Mac Mini, an updated MacBook Air, and a new Mac Pro, as well as a new iPhone SE, new AirPods Pro, and a VR/AR headset.

The new macbook pro 2021.
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This summary of Apple’s plans for 2022 was shared by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his “Power On” newsletter. The majority of the new Macs had already been the subject of prior speculation, but one surprise snuck in: The alleged entry-level MacBook Pro.

When the recent 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros launched, the previous entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro was rumored to simply be discontinued and replaced by the best version of the MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pros offered a huge revamp, bringing changes such as increased screen size, added performance through the M1 chip, the removal of the Touch Bar, and more. They also now feature a webcam notch, which is something that the previous MacBook Pros lacked.

Gurman has previously mentioned that the next generation of entry-level MacBook Pros would likely run on the same M2 chip as the next-gen MacBook Air. If true, this would mean that this upcoming MacBook Pro would have the same number of cores as the M1 chip (four efficiency cores and four high-performance cores), as well as a maximum of 10 graphics cores.

The newsletter hasn’t specified what exactly the new MacBook Pro is going to offer, so it remains to be seen whether this new model will be a 13-inch or a 14-inch laptop. Current information suggests that it will have the performance required to be better than the next generation of MacBook Air, but still behind than the current M1-based high-end MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro seen from the side.
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Aside from the alleged entry-level MacBook Pro, Apple still has a lot in store for 2022. The company is working to release a high-end iMac that will run on the latest Apple chip, rumored to be better than the 24-inch iMac. The MacBook Air refresh will include an upgrade to the M2 chip and a new design. The Mac Mini is also said to be due an update, and the Mac Pro will soon be decked out with Apple silicon.

The Mac lineup is one thing, but Apple is staying busy on other fronts, too. We can expect to see a new iPhone SE with 5G, a new generation of the AirPods Pro, and lastly, a mixed augmented reality/virtual reality headset — a first for Apple.

The news sparked more questions than answers, at least when it comes to the surprise addition of an entry-level MacBook Pro. Is Apple going to revert the design to incorporate a Touch Bar? Will the new MacBook Pro have the same array of ports that the ones released in 2021 offer? What will be the screen size, and will there be a webcam notch?

One thing is for sure: 2022 is shaping up to be pretty exciting for Apple enthusiasts.

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