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Apple is making efforts to unify its cloud services into one location

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Apple has plans to improve its cloud services by bringing the teams that work on projects like Siri, Maps, and iCloud together on one campus. The personnel involved are expected to move to the company’s current Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California, rather than the second location that is currently under construction.

The change is part of an effort to cut down on bugs and better compete with rivals Amazon and Google, but having the team in one place will no doubt help facilitate another major project. Apple is in the process of transferring the infrastructure behind its services to a proprietary platform code-named Pie, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The process of moving certain elements of Siri, the iTunes Store, and Apple News to Pie has apparently already begun, with more services set to follow in the coming years. It is thought that the iCloud revamp Project McQueen is another facet of this effort.

The teams working on Apple’s services are currently spread out across various rented locations across California. The company hopes to strengthen its grip on services by bringing staff together under one roof, as this area of its output could soon surpass the iPhone and the Mac as Apple’s second-largest source of revenue.

Staff will be moved to the Infinite Loop campus as space is freed up by other employees who are leaving for the new premises being built nearby. Initial expectations were that the ‘spaceship’ campus would house 13,000 people, but that number has recently swelled by thousands, prompting changes to internal office space.

Hardware has long been Apple’s biggest concern, but the company’s efforts to bring its various devices closer together has done a great deal to extend the reach of its services. The likes of Siri and iCloud can be utilized by users across iOS, MacOS and WatchOS, so it makes a lot of sense to ensure that these services receive the proper amount of attention.

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