Asus wants your rig to be Beyond VR Ready to unlock its true potential

asus beyond vr ready
In recent months, PC gamers looking forward to the launch of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have been feverishly updating their systems in preparation for the new tech. Now, Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has announced the Beyond VR Ready program, aimed at anyone looking to go one step further.

While a whole host of rigs and components are currently being touted as VR ready, not all of them are really able to showcase content at its full potential. Asus intends for the Beyond VR Ready branding to offer more than just minimum hardware requirements, taking into account component compatibility and interoperability.

To that end, the company has apparently lab-tested its components and systems to find out exactly what hardware is fit for the task. That information is now available for consumers to peruse via the handy Beyond VR Ready microsite, as well as details regarding the test configurations used to carry out the research.

Asus’ selection of motherboards that use Intel’s B150, H170, Z170, and X99 chipsets are all listed as Beyond VR Ready, according to a report from Hexus. The site also states that the list of GPUs that made the cut includes AMD’s Radeon 390/R9 Nano cards and faster, and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 cards and faster.

The Beyond VR Ready program may be another way for Asus to sell its wares, but it’s an interesting demonstration of the rapidly changing VR market. Given that consumers have proven to be receptive to expensive headsets, this kind of premium hardware might become the norm as audiences seek out the best possible system to run their content.

Asus will continue to update the listings on its Beyond VR Ready microsite as more qualifying components and systems are launched.

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