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Asus brings a USB-C monitor, a 34-inch curved display, and a USB projector to CES

asus brings a usb c monitor 34 inch curved display and projector to ces zenbeam portable  amp zenfone
At CES this week, Asus showed off a number of new devices for everyday lifestyle use, and if you’re at the show in Las Vegas, you can try many of these products for yourself in the Asus Media Lounge. Included in the lineup are the company’s MB169C+ portable USB monitor, the Designo MX Series desktop monitors, and ZenBeam, an entire series of palm-sized projectors for Windows and Android.

MB169C+, the portable monitor of the future


First up is Asus’s MB169C+, the first 15.6-inch portable monitor with USB Type-C for both power and video output to ever grace this world. It’s pretty lightweight at only 800 grams. Plus, Asus says, it features a “stylish” and “ultra-slim” 8.5mm body, making it the ideal travel companion for when you want to take your desktop on vacation.

Other than the whole USB Type-C thing, the MB169C+ isn’t all that interesting or unique. It has a 1080p IPS display with “sharp visuals,” “outstanding color reproduction,” and the works. If you’re looking to jump on the new connection standard early, though, it might be a good fit.

Designo MX brings 4K to your workspace

In the latest generation of Asus’ Designo MX series, buyers can expect a 34-inch, ultra-wide display sporting an Ultra HD 3,440 x 1,440 picture as well as 2000R curvature and a 21:9 aspect ratio that’s great for multitasking, but not ideal for watching videos. Nonetheless, it packs a pretty design made to compliment the style of homes and offices.

Likewise, the MX Series 34-inch curved monitor packs in Asus’ own SonicMaster sound, featuring ICEpower technology and two eight-watt speakers. And, with the right Qi-equipped devices in-hand, you can even opt for wireless charging on the monitor’s built-in charging pad.

Asus ZenBeam USB projector for Android and Windows

The ZenBeam is another new addition to the Asus family, a pair of palm-sized projectors designed to share photos, documents, slideshows, and more across a surface anywhere from 22 to 80 inches wide. The ZenBeam will comes in two different models — the E1Z and the E1, the former of which is only compatible with Asus’ other ZenFone and ZenPad devices. The E1, on the other hand, dons both HDMI and MHL input, allowing you to project from pretty much any PC or mobile device given the right tools.

Both the ZenBeam E1Z and the E1 have 6000mAh rechargeable batteries built-in, which can either be used for completely wireless projecting or as a power bank for your other devices.

Release and pricing information for any of the aforementioned products has yet to be revealed.

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