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Asus ROG Swift nabs world’s-fastest monitor title with its 360Hz refresh rate

Asus announced at CES 2020 that it’s partnered with Nvidia to release the world’s-fastest monitor. With a 360Hz refresh rate, the new 24.5-inch ROG Swift 360 boasts refresh speeds that are up to six times faster than traditional screens, giving esports and enthusiast gamers a competitive edge over opponents when playing action-packed titles. With such a rapid refresh rate, gamers should be able to capture the full capability of their gaming systems, supporting framerates all the way up to 360 frames per second without stuttering or skipping frames.

“At 360Hz, game frames are displayed once every 2.8ms — up to 6X faster than traditional gaming displays and TVs,” the companies said in a joint statement. To help drive the fast refresh rate, the ROG Swift 360 relies on Variable Refresh Rate screen technology to ensure tear-free frames and low latency. The LCD panel comes with a FHD 1080p resolution.

Additionally, the ROG Swift 360 also benefits from custom-tuned firmware for better image quality alongside G-Sync support and dynamic overdrive mode for rapid reaction times. Asus claimed that all the technologies pack inside will help minimize ghosting on the display.

“G-SYNC is best known for its innovative Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology that eliminates tearing by synchronizing the refresh rate of the display with the GPU’s frame rate,” Nvidia said of the screen technology that drives the ROG Swift 360.

According to Asus, the 24.5-inch screen size was chosen to keep every pixel on screen within your field of view, which will help keep you immersed in the game. In addition to being the world’s fastest monitor, the clear panel also boasts no stuttering or unwanted flickering. The partners claimed that its G-Sync panels undergo rigorous testing comprising of 300 image quality test to ensure consistent quality and maximum performance.

Though pricing information wasn’t available at the show, the ROG Swift 360 is expected to be available for purchase later this year. Nvidia is betting that enthusiast gamers with a need for speed will likely want to pair this latest 360Hz refresh rate panel alongside its high-end GeForce graphics cards.

With Asus’s new ROG finish, the ROG Swift 360 will pair nicely with the company’s gaming PCs and peripherals for a cohesive desktop aesthetic.

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