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Asus WiMAX-enabled E-Book Launches in 2010


It’s official: Asustek announced they will introduce an electronic book (E-books) embedded with third-generation (3G), Wi-Fi, and WiMAX mobile technologies by the end of this year. These E-books will apparently begin reaching carrier partners in the US and Europe come March 2010, and will have the same price point as Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s e-readers.

Although, we’re not sure what these Asus e-books may look like, industry insiders say one will have a 6-inch e-ink display and a second model will have a larger, less typical 9-inch double panel display.  Ken Liu from Taiwan Economic News reports that “the maker has shipped WiMAX equipment to WiMAX-service providers in Russia, Australia, Latin America and Europe, as well as introduced WiMAX-enabled notebooks in cooperation with service provider Clearwire of the United States.”

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