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Asus unveils Zenbook Infinity, a Gorilla Glass-wrapped Ultrabook

Asus Zenbook InfinityThis years Computex is aiming to be a pretty alluring time for Asus fans, and the company is poised to catch attention with some unique and powerful products. Last Friday we heard that it was planning to unveil the PQ321 LCD monitor, a 31.5-inch screen with a hefty 4K Ultra HD resolution, and today we learned about the Asus Zenbook Infinity. This brand new, artistically-laced Ultrabook is the first laptop to ever boast a full Gorilla Glass 3 lid-exterior.

The entire lid is covered in the ultra-strong, scuff and scratch resistant material, which makes for a beautiful, glossy appearance and offers an extra layer of security to help protect this intricate Ultrabook’s sleek design. Developers praised the scratch resistant nature of the Gorilla Glass mixture, stating that it provided approximately three times the resistance of its previous Zenbook products. This allowed creators to produce a casing that is at a maximum thickness of 15.5 millimeters (14 percent thinner than older Zenbook’s). The Asus product manager told Engadget that the Infinity had passed a variety of drop tests, but we have no solid information on how durable the device actually is, and we probably won’t know until someone is brave (crazy) enough to perform some drop tests.


The Zenbook Infinity isn’t just an exterior beauty, but also provides some surprising, modern features. Under the hood is a built-in touchscreen and a backlit keyboard. Those looking to hook the Infinity up to a larger display will find a Mini DisplayPort and a Micro HDMI outlet. The Ultrabook also includes an SD card slot and two USB 3.0 ports on either side. Unfortunately, that is all we really know about the product at this time and we have no information pertaining to price point or hardware specifications. Asus is planning to release the Zenbook Infinity sometime in Q4, and hopefully we will learn more about this beautiful device’s internal makeup and pricing structure as we get closer to a potential release date.

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