Audivox changes name to Voxx International, debuts a new line of connected products

audivox changes name to voxx international debuts a new line of connected products intlGo ahead and delete the name Audiovox from your mind, as the company has rebranded itself as Voxx International in an attempt to expand its international appeal. But despite the new name, the company is still going strong, as evidenced by several new products unveiled at CES.

Along with numerous devices that will soon hit the market under the banner of some of the various companies Voxx is involved with (including RCA and Acoustic Research to name a few), Voxx itself has a new category of products that will soon be released, all under the idea of connectivity.

Voxx has already unveiled a new way to keep track on your pets, via a device that attaches to a collar, and can be tracked on a smartphone using GPS location, and that idea is just the beginning.

The pet tracker allows you to customize what you want, so if the pet goes in a certain location, it will set off an alarm. Alternatively, if the animal strays into a new area that is alright for it to be—a dog park for example—it will not register. And while the main slant is for animals, it can also be used to track children, but there is a better device for that. The pet tracker will cost around $115, and have a monthly subscription fee of $7.95.

As for tracking children, there is another device called Care Connection on the way, that uses the Sprint network to allow two-way communication at the touch of a button. The device will be geared specifically for children and seniors that may find themselves in a situation where they need immediate assistance. The device will take many forms, including a pendant or watch that can be worn. When the button is touched, it will connect to a selected caregiver and the two can talk. The device will also feature GPS tracking and allow customization options that will notify you when things like a kid wandering into an unapproved area happens.

In that same vein, one of Voxx’s more ambitious new devices/programs is the Car Connection, which uses the on-board diagnostics (OBD) of cars manufactured after 1996 in order for you to track your driving habits, make adjustments to your driving style, and monitor your car. The device plugs directly into the OBD and can record whatever criteria you give it. If you want to know how your fuel efficiency stacks up by taking one route home versus another, it can give you that info. If you want to be notified when the car is in need of service, the device will tell you and in some cases can notify you of new problems (as long as the OBD recognizes those problems).

More and more insurance companies are beginning to offer tailor-made plans based on your driving habits. Progressive already offers a device that can monitor your speed habits, your driving patterns, and your car’s reactions, then it offers you a plan based on those factors. Other companies are beginning to follow suit, and this device can be used to convey that info to the companies.

For parents, the device will also allow you to track your kids’ driving patterns, including how fast they drive and where they are going thanks to built-in GPS. It can also connect with smartphones, and do things like block texts when the car is in motion. The device will be user-installable, and will retail for $129 with a $14.99 monthly subscription fee.

Also in the car product field, coming soon from Voxx will be a new Android-based device for cars that offers rear-seat entertainment. The device will fall somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, and will use smartphones with hotspot capabilities to stream content at 3G and 4G speeds. This will allow people in the back seat of a car to connect online to social media, watch downloaded content, and have internet access. There will also some internal memory to ensure that a loss of signal won’t render the device non-operational.

While these products will all be geared towards different groups, the theme of connectivity will remain constant, and Audiovox—now known as Voxx International—hopes to lead the way.