Awesome: The future according to Google search results


Quit saving up for that DeLorean. Thanks to the power of Google, we can now predict, with extreme accuracy, the next 91 years of human life on Earth. The guys at xkcd have looked up the first page of search results for every year until 2101. Using some complicated search ant plotting techniques (not really), they have created a full timeline of the future so we can begin prepare for the inevitable.

Some of our favorite future moments:

  • 2012: Apocalypse occurs
  • 2015: Extreme poverty and hunger eradicated
  • 2018: Jesus returns to Earth
  • 2021: U.S. debt reaches 97 percent of GDP
  • 2022: HTML 5 completed
  • 2023: Jesus returns to Earth (again)
  • 2024: Atlantis begins to reappear
  • 2028: U.S. debt paid off
  • 2032: U.S. elects first married lesbian president
  • 2032: Entire world converted to Christianity
  • 2044: Childhood obesity hits 100 percent
  • 2045: Humans and machines merge
  • 2050: Sex with robots possible
  • 2053: Cars driven by dogs
  • 2061: Halley’s comet returns
  • 2063: First spacecraft exceeds the speed of light (1st warp drive)
  • 2069: Public masturbation legalized
  • 2084: Robot policemen introduced
  • 2101: War!

The full list is below.


There are a few great Web comics, but I always like the guys at xkcd.