The best Mac apps

These 30 apps are absolutely essential for Mac lovers

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Security and storage

1Password ($3 a month)

1Password Mac App

Hate trying to remember every single password for every account you have? 1Password is a fantastic password manager that secures them in a fully-encrypted vault, which you then access via a master password.

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Little Snitch 4 ($47)

Little Snitch 3 Mac App

Little Snitch 4 is a permissions blocker that lets you control all of your incoming and outgoing connections. If you’ve got a program that you don’t want connecting to the internet, the software can block it on your behalf. You can set it to block a single instance, until you quit a particular app, or forever. It’s great for control freaks like us who prefer to know everything our Mac is doing.

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Objective Development

Google Drive

Google Drive App Thumb

Chances are that you know the merits of Google Drive, however, you might not be aware that you can work on your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline when you can’t access the internet. Google’s desktop app gives you quick access to all your files and folders much like the software’s mobile counterpart, providing you with a dedicated folder where you can sync up 15GB worth of content — assuming you haven’t paid for extra storage. Google Drive can back up your entire drive, if desired.

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Dropbox App Thumb 5

There are a number of fantastic cloud storage solutions, and Dropbox is one that makes syncing files quick and painless. The desktop app works much like the software’s web and mobile counterparts, giving you access to your files and folders while offering you the ability to upload photos, videos, and various documents directly from your desktop. You’ll receive 2GB of free storage just for signing up, too, and can earn more if you invite your friends or connect to Dropbox through the usual social media channels.

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The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver App Thumb

The native apps in MacOS can’t do it all, especially when you’re dealing with compressed or archived files. Thankfully, the Unarchiver can handle nearly any format you can throw at it, whether you’re working with RAR files or older formats such as StuffIt, ARC, or Tar. The software also doesn’t require you to open a separate application, so you can access your files with a simple click in Finder.

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