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These are the best monitors of CES 2018

The best monitors at CES will make you want a new display, if you need it or not

Confused by all the monitors announced at CES 2018? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the five best monitors unveiled at CES this year, the only ones you really need to pay attention to. Most have HDR, and a few have some other, very welcome bells and whistles like 65 inches of screen real estate. That’s right. Let’s get started.

Nvidia’s BFGD monitors

Seriously — even if monitors aren’t really your thing, check these out. Nvidia announced a new lineup of gaming-centric desktop monitors over the weekend, and let’s just be honest here. These things are pretty much all the monitor you’ll ever need. In fact, they’re probably more than you’ll ever need.

The Nvidia BFGD monitors all have features you only find on top-end monitor offerings: a 120hz refresh rate for liquid-smooth gameplay, Nvidia G-Sync to make sure your video card and display work together nicely, 4K resolution, and of course support for HDR. And that’s just the beginning. They also feature quantum dots for super-sharp color reproduction — and did we mention they’re all a massive 65 inches? Yeah.

BFGD stands for big-format gaming displays, and these products definitely fit that description. You can expect to see BFGD displays from Acer, Asus, and HP later this year. They’re still a ways out, though, so release dates and pricing haven’t been announced.

LG 32UK950

If you don’t need a lightning-quick refresh rate, and just want something absolutely lovely to look at, check out LG’s 32UK950. Simple, elegant, and straightforward, the 32UK950 is a 32-inch 4K display with HDR support, and one of LG’s new nano IPS display panels. LG boasts the display is capable of hitting 98 percent of the P3 color gamut, and with that nano IPS panel, those colors aren’t just going to be accurate, they’re going to be vibrant and tack sharp.

LG 34WK95U

Maybe 32 inches of 4K HDR display real estate isn’t enough for you. You want a display that’s a little extra. For that, let’s have a look at the LG 34WK95U, LG’s new premium ultrawide. This massive 34-inch display features a 5K nano-IPS display panel, and of course, HDR. On top of all that, the display features a borderless edge-to-edge design so the screen just seems to melt into the background.

Dell Ultrathin S2719DM


The successor to last year’s Dell Ultrathin, the S2719DM is a 27-inch display designed to offer HDR and killer picture quality without breaking the bank. This new Ultrathin certainly lives up to its name, with a near-nonexistent display bezel, and a stand of super-slim aluminum. With a max resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, it’s not quite as sharp or detailed as some of the other offerings on this list, but it is one of the most affordable, coming in at just $500. The Dell Ultrathin S2719DM will hit store shelves on January 30.

Lenovo ThinkVision P32U


If you’re looking for something a bit more professional, and a bit less flashy, the Lenovo ThinkVision P32U might be a good alternative. This is a spartan, black-clad display with a nice thin bezel and no external frills. Well, one frill — it has a bright red cable-management bracket. Other than that, it features a 32-inch 4K display capable of hitting 99.5 percent of the AdobeRGB spectrum, according to Lenovo. It should be on store shelves in March for a reported $1,350.

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