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The best surge protectors for 2020

Shield your devices with our favorite surge protectors of 2020

A surge protector is vital if you want to keep your electronics safe from electrical power spikes. The latest models have more than just a few outlets, as well as smart connectivity and energy-monitoring features.

In addition to controlling a surge protector from your smartphone, some of the top-rated protectors have added safety features, coaxial connectors, and adjustable cords for added convenience. Check out our list for a top-of-the-line surge protector for every home, office, and budget.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Strip

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Strip

Today’s best surge protectors don’t just protect electrical devices: They also enable all kinds of useful connections. This excellent TP-Link strip, for example, has six smart outlets that can be individually controlled with an app, giving protection while allowing you to customize devices, set schedules and automatically turn them on or off. It’s also compatible with voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana. Three USB ports provide alternative connections for charging other devices too.

If all this wasn’t enough, the strip also has energy monitoring features, measuring how much power everything is consuming so you can decrease power use, if necessary.

APC Desk Mount Power Station

This professional U-shaped protector is designed to hook onto the edge of a desk, for much easier access than trying to position a strip on the floor (you can also put it over a cubical wall, etc.) It provides 18 Joules of surge protection. This model is also one of the few available with a USB-C charging port, as well as two USB-A ports for other connections, making it a great fit for many offices.

Teckin Smart Power Strip

Teckin has a competitive smart power strip that you can control via app, perfect for larger entertainment systems or complex computer layouts. You can set timers and settings for each individual outlet, as well as setting shut off times to fully power down/up the power strip and save energy. In addition to compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the strip also works with IFTTT, ideal for those who prefer the customizable platform for their smart gadgets.

Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet

Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet

With many years of experience working with outlets and plug-in solutions, Belkin has experience making durable surge protectors. This 12-outlet model is a great professional piece with multiple options for cord length, sliding safety covers, and a 3,940 Joule energy rating that’s high enough to protect even the largest office equipment. There are also detachable cord clips to route all your cords through for better organization.

Tripp Lite 10-Outlet

Tripp Lite 10-Outlet

Tripp’s contribution is a “home and office” surge protector suitable for all sorts of different electronic setups. It has handy LED diagnostic lights to warn of outlet status and a built-in splitter that can turn one RJ11 jack into two for a modem, fax (hey, some people still use them), or telephone/DSL line. Four of the outlets are spaced widely apart to fit more awkward adapter plugs, a feature we particularly liked.

There’s no choice for cord length here — you are stuck with the average 8-foot cord — but you can choose a version that comes with gold coaxial connectors, which can be used to help protect any co-ax TV connections you may be using in your home.

Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Wall Mount

Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Wall Mount

This Belkin model offers a wall mount option for those set-ups where you neither need nor want a surge protector that lies on the floor and gets in the way. Plug this model into a wall outlet and it provides 6 separate, protected outlets for you to use, each with a 1045 Joule rating – enough for most average electronic devices. While you shouldn’t use this with big appliances, it’s a great solution for garage worktables, kitchens, home offices, and so on.

Globe Electric 7732001 6-Outlet

Globe Electric 7732001 6-Outlet 2

Chances are good you haven’t seen a surge protector like this before. With a choice between 6 and 8 outlets (we liked the 6-outlet model because of how much space it saved), this model has a vertical swivel feature that allows you to turn the two separate outlet columns in different directions. It’s a very effective solution if you have a weird electrical setup that requires a lot of cord/adapter space and could really use outlets pointed in all directions. The device is also rated for larger office equipment, so don’t worry about giving it big-boy appliances to take care of.

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