Best Western Hotels Get High-Speed Wireless

The deployment with BestComm will provide more than half of Best Western hotels in North America with free Internet access in both guest rooms and common areas. 

“Best Western needed an access solution that would provide guests with an exceptionally high standard of service, security and ease of use,” said Jim Newhall, managing director of technology for Best Western International.  “Nomadix’ HSG enables our member properties to offer state-of-the-art high-speed Internet access to our guests, to connect them with corporate networks or stay in touch with family and friends while traveling the world.” 

BestComm leveraged its advanced communications expertise to create a SpeedLinks by Best WesternStarter Kit, using the Nomadix HSG as the foundation of the property network architecture.

“BestComm is pleased to partner with Nomadix,” said Jim Shipway, president of BestComm Networks, Inc.  “The Nomadix HSG is ideally suited to the lodging industry because it allows multiple, simultaneous VPN connections which are common for locations hosting business travelers.  In addition, the Nomadix HSG can be remotely refreshed to meet the constant evolution of VPN technology.”

“Partnering with BestComm to deploy HSIA networks in Best Western hotels will significantly expand Nomadix’ leadership role within the hospitality market,” said Kurt Bauer, senior vice president of field operations for Nomadix. “Best Western’s selection of Nomadix’ solution is a testament to the company’s leadership and commitment to providing the hospitality industry with best-of-breed solutions.”

Nomadix’ HSG is a turnkey, cost-effective platform designed for small to medium-sized networks and businesses serving mobile users. The gateway is transport agnostic and enables the deployment of wired, wireless or hybrid networks supporting up to 150 simultaneous users.