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Bill Gates would rather fight one horse-sized duck (video)

Bill Gates Reddit AMA

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is a wise man – no, not for helping to invent the PC era, or working to solve the world’s problems through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (though you could, I suppose, argue that those count, too), but because he got the answer to most important question on the Internet right.

Bill Gates would rather fight one horse-sized duck than 100 duck-sized horses, according to an answer he gave to Reddit in preparation for his “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) interview with the community, which kicked off at 10:45am PT today. (See video below.) The reason, he says, is that he prefers to “take on big problems, like new vaccines. So I guess you could call that a ‘horse-sized duck.'”

As we found out last week, duck and horse experts agree that one horse-sized duck would be a far better opponent than 100 duck-sized horses due to the fact that a 1,000-pound duck would not really be able to do much damage (unless it grabs you in the water), and because 100 duck-sized horses would be like something out of a nightmare.

At the time of this writing, Gates’s AMA interview has more than 8,200 comments, so there’s basically zero chance that you’ll be able to get a word in with the multi-billionaire now. But the interview should still be a fun read, with Gates expected to answer questions about government efforts to stifle the open Internet, the open source software movement and, of course, plenty of questions about having more money than God. Check out the AMA here, see all his answers here, and watch his pre-recorded questions (including the one about fighting mythical beasts) below:

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