Bing releases a whopping 270TB of Bird’s Eye imagery to Maps


Google and Apple aren’t the only companies on the block with a “flyover” feature in their Map apps. Microsoft has been rapidly upgrading its Bing Maps service with terabytes of “Birds Eye Imagery” over the recent years. It started with a 165TB update, then we saw another 215TB update. Now, according to The Bing Blog, Microsoft has released its largest collection of satellite imagery to date. At 270TB, Bing’s latest update enhances its maps even further, offering armchair explorers more optical top-downs from famous locations all around the world.

Some of the new, notable areas to discover include Stavanger, Norway; Kaanapali, Hawaii; and Rome and Milan in Italy. Developers in Redmond also added more points of interest to the Venue Maps section, and also included a handy “Report a Problem” button that will allow you to let Bing know if a specific spot is marked incorrectly. It will be interesting to see if this update can convert more users to the Bing side of maps, and its obvious by these numbers that Bing is holding nothing back when it comes to updating its systems.

If you’re interested in checking out some beautiful Earth architecture but don’t have the time to take an around-the-world trip, these flyovers could be a smarter, and much cheaper alternative.

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