Bitcasa offers ‘infinite’ cloud storage on Windows 8 and Android, Mac and iOS coming in January

bitcasa offers infinite cloud storage on windows 8 and android mac ios coming in january drive

Cloud services like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Google Drive have data limitations which some users find limiting, but cloud service startup Bitcasa is doing things a bit differently. The company announced yesterday that it will bring “infinite” cloud storage to Android and Windows 8 devices. Bitcasa also announced that iOS and Mac apps would be arriving in January.

Bitcasa can be used to back up all of your data and files on its server, and even manage and delete files from your personal hard drive. Instead of buying an external hard drive and lugging it around everywhere, Bitcasa can become an online backup for your computer. The company has a plethora of other services as well. Bitcasa offers instant streaming for videos and music, without having to download the files. You can also share files instantly, regardless of size. Bitcasa automatically organizes your data by file type, separating your content into Music, Photos, Videos, and Documents for easy access.

According to Venturebeat, Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda is a huge fan of mobile content and wanted users to have the option of being able to use Bitcasa anywhere. “With our mobile app releases, we are now making all of your data easily available from mobile and PC/Mac clients while taking the security of that data very seriously,” Gauda said in a statement. “By announcing our cross-platform support today, we are offering our global users secure access on all computers, mobile devices, or Web browsers by streaming from the cloud while allowing them to keep the data they access more often localized on their hard drive.”

Bitcasa is currently free, but will charge $10 a month for unlimited cloud storage starting in 2013. Users will still have 10GB of  free of storage but will have to pay for anything more than that.