Will you buy into Bitcoin if Mike Tyson tells you to?

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Whether the rumors of Hulk Hogan missing out on the George Foreman Grill endorsement contract are true or not, Mike Tyson isn’t about to let the same thing happen to him with the future of digital currencies. He’s now endorsing his own digital wallet, putting the value of his name to hardware that makes it easier to hold on to your virtual cash.

The company whose product he’s actually endorsing is Bitcoin Direct, a subsidiary of Connexus Corporation, which previously announced another partnership with Tyson making Bitcoin ATMs more broadly available. The digital wallet, while compatible with those same machines, is an entirely different piece of kit.

The wallet, which is app-based, is designed to bring Bitcoins to smartphones in an easier manner than ever before. Users will be able to buy and sell the coins through the app, setting certain thresholds for minimum amounts, letting them quickly confirm payments over the platform, without risking losing all of their crypto-currency through a glitch or via hacking.

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Transactions are all handled through Bitcoin Direct’s Glidera exchange, as well as through the sharing of coins and wallets with friends and family if needed. The only real nod to Mike Tyson within the app is that some of its styling is reminiscent of his infamous tribal face tattoo.

The purpose of the app is to make accessing Bitcoins easier, to the point where more general consumers are interested in using it for everyday purchases and sending money over vast distances. Unlike banks, which can charge high fees for sending large sums between countries, Bitcoins can be transferred instantaneously with no handling fee whatsoever.

The reason for partnering with Tyson is clear too: it raises awareness of the platform. While the man himself has admitted he is far from a Bitcoin expert, he appreciates what the technology can do and said that he hopes his partnership with the exchange will help encourage others to feel the same way.

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