BlackBerry PlayBook coming April 10?

blackberry-playbook-screenRemember the BlackBerry PlayBook? Before all of this iPad 2 talk, it was a breakout hit at CES. Well, it’s still coming–very soon, in fact. Boy Genius Reports that RIM may launch the device in the United States as soon as April 10. The site has confirmed this “multiple sources.” We still do not know the price or availability of the unit, though rumors point toward RIM offering four models of the PlayBook, one for each of the major U.S. carriers.

PlayBook rumors have been sparse. We were able to test out the unit at CES, but RIM has been mum since. We’ve heard that 4G capabilities will be added to the unit and RIM may even add the ability to run Android apps on the unit, but we know little else at the moment. With many manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola turning to 10-inch tablets, RIM is bucking trends by releasing its 7-inch PlayBook.

The manufacturer is also facing pressure from HP to change the design of its interface. We, like many, enjoyed the PlayBook for its WebOS-like interface, but now that HP is launching its own HP TouchPad with a revamped WebOS, it’s not too happy about the similarities between it and RIM’s new BlackBerry Tablet OS.

April 10 is approaching fast. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the PlayBook soon.

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