Valve offers major discounts on range of Steam-compatible games

bought a steam machine these compatible games are all discounted gigabyte brix pro

Valve has finally begun its official assault on living-room gaming with the launch of its Steam Machines in various territories around the world. To help celebrate this and give those early adopters something to sink their teeth into, the firm has discounted a number of big-name Steam OS-supporting games on its digital distribution platform.

These are not a bunch of duds either, but include a number of high profile titles like ARK: Survival Evolved, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Gang Beasts all offered in the sale, as well as classics like Bastion, Half Life 2, and Braid. A number of them are very heavily discounted too, with some like Super Meat Boy, Dungeon Defenders, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition all available at 80 percent off.

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This is a smart move by Valve, as it not only provides the first few buyers a chance to get their hands on some games without having to shell out much more (which is never the case for console owners) but the games are all beloved. There’s a good mix of indie and AAA titles of various genres and they are all proven, working, well-performing games. While there aren’t any on the list that were released just yesterday, this should guarantee that the earliest days of Steam Machine gaming are strong.

All of these games are rated to work with the Steam OS, but since they have been available on Steam for some time already, they are all capable of working just fine on Windows-based PCs, so it isn’t only Steam Machine buyers who can take advantage of this deal.

What do you think of the new Steam machines? There’s a good number to choose from, with a variety of manufacturers throwing their digital hat in the ring. But can any of them stand up against traditional console gaming?