Chaintech FX71 5600 Ultra video card review

Quote from the review at ipKonfig:

“NVIDIA’s GeForce FX chipset has been, for the most part, well accepted in the gaming community, a fine achievement on NVIDIA’s part. Its latest graphics processor introduces newer features for better game play. Using 0.13u process technology, the FX chipset provides significant speed increases. . . . This card in particular is very attractive, in part due to Chaintech’s designers. You’ll find that most of its products exhibit very nice cosmetic designs. The Chaintech FX71 5600 Ultra video card has a functional purpose behind its sexy looks, too. The enclosed design was designed to produce better cooling for today’s demanding graphic processors. By using Gas Turbine Technology (GT), it can average around 10-15°C better cooling than other standard methods. The Gas Turbine technology works in the same way, for the most part, as an airplane engine.”

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