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Chitika: OS X Mavericks adoption is currently at 40 percent in the U.S. and Canada

MacBook Pro 13 2013 screen
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A large percentage of Apple’s user base seems to have adopted OS X Mavericks in a very short time. According to research from online advertising network Chitika, 40 percent of OS X users have upgraded to Mavericks since the new version of Apple’s desktop operating system was released in October.

The report also states that Mavericks adoption after five months is six percent higher than the last update, OS X Mountain Lion, after 14 months, and 13 percent better higher adoption than Mountain Lion after seven months. Chitika collected the new data between March 17 and March 23.


Given that its a free upgrade, it’s no surprise that the rise of Mavericks’ adoption has shot up quicker over its predecessors. Back in October, Chitika released a report announcing that more than 10 percent of OS X users in the U.S. and Canada had upgraded to the new OS just one week after launch.

The report isn’t as precise as it could be though. Chitika came to its conclusion by analyzing the amount of web traffic by generated by OS X users interacting with their advertising network. Net Applications, for example, says that Mavericks adoption was up to 45 percent in February, MacRumors reported.

Mavericks’ adoption rates should only continue to rise, considering it’s a free upgrade for most, and also when the release of new Mac and MacBook devices later this year get factored in.

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Image Credit: Chitika

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