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Google tests out native Mac OS notifications for Chrome, here’s how to enable it

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Google is testing out bringing its Chrome browser notifications inside Mac OS X’s native notifications platform. While the feature is currently hidden in both the stable and nightly builds of the company’s browser, its presence suggests the feature could become a feature of Chrome in the not too distant future.

Chrome has allowed websites to send their users notifications from within the browser for about a year now, but they operate separately from the operating system itself. This is an annoyance for some, as Mac OS X allows users to mute them through its “Do Not Disturb” function, as well as to archive them in the Notification Center for later.

Google did for a time have its own notification center, but announced in October of last year it was removing it because no one used the feature. Its plans to possibly reintroduce the feature yet in a more native form to Mac OS X suggests that Google still sees value of some kind in allowing users to manage how these notifications are handled.

There’s no word on whether the feature will definitely make it into Chrome for Mac, although the Chrome development team says that it “is not 100% clear as we may run into certain roadblocks.” If you’re feeling daring enough, you can enable the hidden feature in just a few steps.

Navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications from within the browser. You’ll see an option for “Enable native notifications.” Enable that, then restart the browser. Notifications should then start appearing in the Mac OS X notification center.

Keep in mind that while the feature is in the stable version offered to the public, it may not be the most current code. Bugginess is to be expected, and if you want the latest code, you’ll need to be running the so-called “Canary” nightly builds. The problem with running those builds is that you may find a whole other set of bugs to contend with, so proceed with caution.

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