Cisco Talks About IP Telephony Revolution

Question: How has demand for IP telephony been growing worldwide?

Don Proctor: Since we introduced our first IP phone in 1999, there have been thousands of public branch exchange replacements and our customers have enjoyed significant benefits from their adoption of IP telephony.

However, the market has really taken off this year. In August of 2002, Cisco announced that it reached the 1 million milestone for IP phones sold, an accomplishment that took the company three and a half years to achieve.

Since then, Cisco has sold an additional 1 million-plus IP phones to customers.

Today, Cisco’s next-generation IP communications systems – which include all technologies which enable converged communications over a single IP-based network, including IP telephony, which specifically refers to packet-based telephone systems over IP – are helping more than 10,000 organizations worldwide to increase their productivity and business flexibility.

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