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Colorful to unleash its monstrous Kudan based on the GTX 1080 graphics card

colorful gtx 1080 igame kudan four slots geforce
On November 26 and 27, graphics card manufacturer Colorful Technology held its annual Colorful Games Union event in Wuhan, China. The weekend event played host to League of Legends and Overwatch tournaments and exhibition matches, the introduction of a new iGame character, and the launch of new solid state drives, a motherboard, and graphics cards. One of those new products was an iGame GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card that consumes four slots.

Yes, you read that correctly. Four slots.

While the company has yet to provide a press release or add the product to its online portfolio, reports stemming from the show state that the card is called the iGame GTX 1080 Kudan. Its four-slot form factor means that although it plugs into one PCI Express slot on the motherboard, it consumes the space of four cards. Thus, PC gamers wanting to shove this Franken-card into their desktop will need lots of empty space.

The card’s overall size stems from its massive on-board cooling system. The face of the card is equipped with three fans surrounded by gold cog-shaped rings while the back of the card plays host to a transparent backplate/water block that may or may not be detachable. The card can also be connected to a desktop’s existing water-cooling system for additional heat-resisting protection.

The iGame GTX 1080 Kudan is expected to arrive sometime in December or January with a boost clock speed of 1,936MHz. It will have a custom printed circuit board (PCB) with two 8-pin connectors (because the power over the PCI Express slot won’t be enough to power this monster), and a special button on the I/O bracket likely for overclocking the card with just one press of a finger.

The card will join Colorful’s iGame GTX 980 Ti Kudan graphics card launched in April. Unlike the upcoming GTX 1080 model, this older GTX 980 Ti solution consumes only three slots of space. But like the upcoming Kudan card, the current GTX 980 Ti Kudan sports three cooling fans on its face, and a liquid cooling waterblock solution on the back. The built-in pump kicks in when the card reaches 75 degrees Celsius, pushing liquid through two patented circulation tubes.

Finally, the current GTX 980 Ti Kudan’s cooling component includes five 6mm heat tubes, and a radiator residing between the fans and the graphics chip with what appears to be more than 13,000 fins with 1.5mm of spacing between each one. Overall, this GTX 980 Ti solution currently targets the extreme high-end PC gamer wanting maximum performance (that is, the top one percent).

Right now, Colorful offers two GTX 1080 cards: the iGame GTX 1080 X-Top-8G and the iGame GTX 1080 U-Top-8G. Both sport three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors, one HDMI 2.0b connector, and one DVI connector. Based on images flowing from Colorful’s weekend-long event, the upcoming iGame GTX 1080 Kudan will include the same video outputs.

Of course, we will provide more detail regarding the card’s specs when Colorful throws them our way. So far, there’s no word on what this card will cost when it lands in the next month or so.

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