CompAmerica Flies with Eagle Laptops

Computer manufacturer CompAmerica today announced a new sub-$800 laptop series which offers support for all of Intel’s current mobile processors. The Eagle Series, represented by the Eagle 5422 and Eagle 5524, offers starting configuration prices of $779 and $1,399 respectively and looks to be available now.

The Eagle 5422, said CompAmerica, has typically on board an Intel 1.5GHz Celeron M processor and CD-RW/DVD drive, while a typical Eagle 5524 might sport an Intel Core Duo 2GHz processor with a DVD-RW burner. Other features of the Eagle series, depending upon configuration, can include a 14” or 15” LCD screen, a hard drive up to 120GB, Windows XP and built in wireless 802.11B/G networking.

“While other companies are offering one line of Laptops with Intel Core Duos and another with Pentium M, we’ve brought out a uniquely powerful product family that embraces all of Intel’s Mobil Processors,” said company CEO, Dr. Jack A. Shulman, in a statement. “We find that CompAmerica can make better, more accurate recommendations to customers without sacrificing anything.”