Company places ad for ‘nude web coders’ on Craigslist


Are you a female who likes to work in an office environment, but prefers to do so in the buff? Do you live in the U.K.? If yes, read on. A Buckinghamshire Web company named Nude House has put out a Craigslist ad for nude Web coders to work in a completely nude office environment, reports The Guardian.

The Nude House Website says it is looking for “boys and girls” in coding, sales, and marketing positions.

“This is the ultimate experience for nudist self expression while working and earning income – and the offices will have showers and other facilities to make the entire experience very pleasurable,” says the home page. “The offices will be well heated to make sure all the staff are happy and content at their work. We will provide other facilties demanded by the staff themselves.”

Oddly, though the company is called Nude House and has publicly placed ads searching for “naturists” (nudists who prefer being outdoors), its site says that there is “no need for customers to be aware that the staff work in the nude.”

Nude House trying to sell imaging software that lets you create product or hyperlink boxes on top of pictures. The product must be selling if it’s hiring, but the site transports you back to a time when most sites were made in Yahoo’s Geocities. Nude House is taking a naturist approach to its office as well. It’s been a decade since white CRT monitors and computers (seen on the site) were sold, and I’m doubting that Nokia is running on Windows Phone 7.