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Consumers are more satisfied with desktop PCs than laptops, tablets, study says

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According to data compiled and published by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, consumers are more satisfied with their desktop computers than they are with laptops and tablets.

The ACSI says that, when it comes to laptops, consumer satisfaction is rated at 76, which is four percent less than what it was last year. Meanwhile tablets scored an 80, which is a decrease of one percent compared to 2013.

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Between tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs, the latter is the only product type of the three to enjoy a surge in consumer satisfaction between 2013 and 2014. The ACSI’s findings indicate that consumers are three percent more satisfied with desktop PCs this year than they were last year, bringing that rating up to 81. That’s one point higher than tablets, and five points higher than laptops.

Of all the big-name computer manufacturers out there, Apple is number one in the hearts of many, carrying a satisfaction rating of 84 in the personal computing space. Cupertino is trailed by Acer (76), Dell (76), Toshiba (75), and Hewlett-Packard (74).

Interestingly, “All Others,” which is made up of companies that include Samsung, Asus, and Lenovo, is right behind Apple with a rating of 82. That’s up from 76 compared to a year ago.

The reasons behind the desktop’s increase in popularity aren’t exactly known, but ACSI exec Claes Fornell has a couple of theories.

“The increase in customer satisfaction for PCs could mean two different things,” Fornell says. “Either the product is seen as more attractive now and is poised for a comeback, or it has higher customer satisfaction simply because those who were less than happy with it have moved to other devices. If dissatisfied customers leave and satisfied customers stay, average satisfaction may well go up.”

Those satisfaction ratings may rise even higher if Windows 9 ends up winning over people who were turned off by Windows 8. Microsoft is widely expected to give the world its first official look at the OS during an event that’s scheduled to be held on September 30.

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