Crucial Announces Memory For Gamers

For years now, one thing was curiously missing from Crucial Technology’s lineup of RAM products – high performance “gaming” memory. While their competitors marketed high performance RAM with heat spreaders and aggressive timings to PC gamers and overclockers, Crucial kept to their core business – providing high-quality, stable memory for “regular” users and business machines.

That has changed this week with Crucial’s announcement of its new line of high-performance “Ballistix” memory. Crucial kicked off the announcement with a new website devoted to the Ballistix line which includes its award-winning “Crucial Memory Advisor” tool to help users select the proper modules for their system.

According to the company, Ballistix was designed specifically for computer gamers and power users seeking maximum system performance and stability at a competitive price-point. The Ballistix line features both DDR and DDR2 memory with advanced speed grades, low latencies, and integrated aluminum heat spreaders.

Crucial’s Ballistix memory comes with yellow aluminum heat spreaders.

Crucial’s Ballistix line includes the following high-performance modules in densities of 256MB and 512MB:

  • Crucial Ballistix PC-3200 (DDR-400), CL2-2-2-6, currently priced at US$74.99 for 256MB, and US$138.99 for 512MB
  • Crucial Ballistix PC-4000 (DDR-500), CL2.5-4-4-8, currently priced at US$77.99 for 256MB, and US$144.99 for 512MB
  • Crucial Ballistix PC2-4200 (DDR2-533), CL3-3-3-10, currently priced at US$118.99 for 256MB, and US$228.99 for 512MB
  • Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), CL4-4-4-10, currently priced at US$124.99 for 256MB, and US$238.99 for 512MB

One item that gamers and overclockers may find missing from Crucial’s announcement is dual-packs – matched pairs of memory modules intended for motherboards that support a dual-channel platform. While this often is not required to achieve dual-channel performance, Crucial’s competitors such as Corsair, Kingston, and Mushkin have been able to cash in by offering dual-packs to power-hungry consumers.

“Crucial has long been known for providing stable, quality memory upgrades for the mainstream computer user,” said Fred Waddel, Crucial General Manager. “With the addition of Crucial’s Ballistix memory line, now computer enthusiasts can get the Crucial stability and quality they trust in a high-performance module.”

Every Crucial Ballistix module comes with a custom-designed aluminum heat spreader, dome decal case badge, decorative sticker, limited-lifetime warranty, multi-lingual user guide, Crucial’s award-winning customer support, free technical support, and free shipping (for a limited time) on qualified orders within the contiguous United States.

Crucial is a division of Micron Technology, one of the top three memory manufacturers in the industry. With Crucial’s recent announcement of high-end video cards, the addition of the Ballistix lineup puts the company in a position to compete for the lucrative gaming marketplace, as well as their traditional home and business markets.