Dell Expands Digital Home Portfolio

By the end of the year Dell’s offerings will range from value systems with basic functionality and features such as the Dimension 3000 to more robust configurations in its Dimension 8400 and XPS series that allow users to view and record TV programs or enjoy other forms of digital content anywhere in their homes without being tethered to a computer. And, for the first time, customers can order a Dell Media Center PC with a no-TV option for a nominal charge compared to Dell desktops running traditional Windows XP, making it cost effective for a broader set of customers to easily organize music, pictures and video clips.

For even greater flexibility, Dell also is offering the Media Center Extender solution, which expands the capabilities of Media Center Dimension desktops by distributing digital content throughout the home and turning any room into an entertainment destination.

“Dell’s comprehensive Media Center Edition 2005 offerings are fundamentally changing the way customers use their PCs for entertainment,” said John Medica, senior vice president and general manager, Dell Product Group. “Our belief is that digital convergence in the home is here to stay, and we’re committed to leading the effort to give customers more choice with their digital home products than ever before.”

“From the no-TV option to consuming digital photos, music and videos in multiple rooms at the same time, customers can enjoy their favorite digital content whenever they want, wherever they want,” Medica said. “It’s no-appointment entertainment.”

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Dell will initially offer Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with its intuitive interface on built-to-order Dimension 8400 and XPS desktops and plans to expand its support to the Dimension 3000, 4700 and 4700C systems later this year. Depending on how they want to enjoy content, customers can record live TV, for example, on their Dell Media Center PC in the den, and watch the program there or elsewhere in the home using the Media Center Extender. They also can synchronize with a portable device, such as the new Dell Axim(TM) X50v, also introduced today. Online Spotlight, a portal to more than 35 online third-party content providers such as CinemaNow or Musicmatch, can also be accessed.

“With Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 the value of the PC in the home has evolved significantly. The PC is now a complete entertainment device with music, photos, videos and TV all integrated in one easy-to-use experience with a remote control,” said Will Poole, senior vice president of the Windows Client business at Microsoft. “Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 coupled with a Media Center Extender device and your home network gives you the power of entertainment choice with any TV, anywhere in the home.”

Media Center Extender

Dell’s Media Center Extender solution comprises an Extender, a slim networked device that easily fits into a home entertainment center or audio/video rack, and an 802.11 a/g router for wireless or wired connectivity. Each Dell Media Center PC can easily support up to two Media Center Extenders, so customers have the flexibility to simultaneously view the same digital content stored on the desktop at different points on multiple remote monitors or TVs. Music enthusiasts can even listen to XM satellite radio shared from the PC.

Pricing and Availability

Dell will offer Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 immediately on the Dimension 8400 and XPS systems in the United States and with other Dimension systems later this year. Prices start at $1,138 for a Dimension 8400 and $2,037 for a Dimension XPS.

Customers can also purchase the Media Center Extender as a bundle with a wireless/wired router for $429 when they order their Dell PCs.

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