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Dell just slashed the price of this RTX 3050 gaming laptop

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If you need a new gaming rig but don’t have a budget for a PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse, gaming laptop deals are the way to go. Today Dell has a great offer on their G15 gaming laptop. You can buy one for just $800 right now after a $100 discount. It’s not a massive price cut, but who can complain about $100 off? Read about its specs below or check it out yourself with the big red button.

Why you should buy the Dell G15 gaming laptop

You’ll be able to play the best PC games on the Dell G15 gaming laptop because it’s equipped with the 13th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, and 8GB of RAM. You may have to choose low to medium settings for some of the more demanding titles, but that should be acceptable considering the price of this gaming laptop. It also features a 15.6-inch display with Full HD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, which should let you appreciate the graphics of modern video games.

If you need an extra boost, you can easily activate the Dell G15 gaming laptop’s Dynamic Performance Mode with the press of the button. Additionally, you’ll also have access to the Alienware Command Center, where you can access overclocking capabilities, monitor the device’s performance, and customize the AlienFX lighting settings, among others. The Dell G15 gaming laptop also comes with Windows 11 Home pre-loaded in its 256GB SSD, as well as an advanced thermal design involving four heat pipes and improved fans to help keep it cool through gaming sessions that last for several hours.

The Dell G15 gaming laptop is an affordable option for gamers that’s currently even cheaper because of a $100 discount from Dell, so you’ll only have to pay $800 for this machine instead of $900. You’re going to have to act fast though, because we’re not sure if the offer will still be online tomorrow. If you’re already looking forward to playing your favorite games on the Dell G15 gaming laptop, push through with the transaction to buy it as soon as you can.

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