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Dell launches sleek 14-inch portable monitor powered by USB-C

Dell launched a new portable monitor aimed at mobile road warriors who need a larger screen while traveling. The Dell 14 Portable Monitor is a 14-inch FHD display that connects to your laptop or tablet with just a USB-C cable, allowing you to augment your display so you can stay productive and collaborate when you’re away from your desk.

Made for travel, the Portable Monitor weighs less than a pound -and-a-half and is less than a quarter-inch thick. When you connect it to your laptop — like Dell’s XPS 13 or even Apple’s MacBook Pro — the device allows you to either mirror your screen, giving you a display to make an impromptu presentation for a small group, or augment your notebook’s screen with an extended desktop view. Essentially, this latter mode is like a multimonitor setup when you’re at your desk, giving you the flexibility to stay even more productive by letting you view more open windows at the same time.

The adjustable tilt angle on Dell's 14 Portable Monitor makes it a flexible tool.

The display comes with a compact built-in stand, where you’ll find the USB-C ports, power button, and additional function buttons. The base also gives the display some flexibility, allowing you to angle the screen from 10 degrees to 90 degrees of viewing. Dell claims that the screen on its Portable Monitor can reach a peak brightness of 300 nits, and the IPS display comes with an antiglare treatment to minimize reflections. The screen itself can display 72% of the NTSC color space, and it has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Unlike other portable displays on the market, Dell’s solution doesn’t include its own built-in battery, instead relying on passthrough USB-C power. A power brick, however, isn’t included in the box. Without its own internal battery, the screen may not be an ideal solution for Samsung smartphone owners who rely on Samsung DeX to mimic a desktop-like interface on a larger monitor.

Dell's video conferencing monitor adds a pop-up webcam, microphones, and speakers.

Dell also launched a new Video Conferencing Monitor in 24- and 27-inch screen sizes, as well as a 27-inch USB-C Monitor with 4K resolution. The videoconferencing monitors come with a built-in pop-up webcam, noise-canceling microphones, and dual 5-watt speakers on displays with either FHD or QHD resolutions, while the USB-C Monitor comes with built-in dual 3W speakers and is available in 4K or QHD resolutions.

Dell’s portable monitor starts at $349 when it launches on August 31, while the videoconferencing monitors start at $439 when they debut on October 12. The USB-C monitor starts at $499 when it debuts on August 19, with the higher resolution model coming in at $619.

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