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This Dell PC with an RTX 4070, 32GB of RAM is $450 off today

The Dell XPS Desktop on a desk next to a monitor.

For great desktop computer deals, it’s always worth checking out Dell. That’s the case today with a huge $450 off the latest XPS Desktop at Dell. Ideally suited for both work purposes as well as gaming, it’s a stylish unit and it usually costs $2,250. Right now however, you can buy it for $1,800, which is a pretty great deal for the latest technology. If you’re already interested, read on — we’re here to break down exactly what it has to offer. You won’t be disappointed, unless you wait too long, as this deal is likely to be strictly limited.

Why you should buy the Dell New XPS Desktop

Dell makes some of the best desktop computers as well as the best gaming PCs so this New XPS Desktop is sure to be a huge hit. This particular model is packed with the latest hardware. That includes a 14th-generation Intel Core i9-14900K processor while there’s a massive 32GB of memory. Alongside that is 1TB of SSD storage which is good if not exceptional at this price. More importantly is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card with 12GB of dedicated VRAM so it’s a great bet for all your gaming needs.

Elegantly designed, the Dell New XPS Desktop is focused on being a great machine for content creation. It has increased airflow and plenty of room for expansion if you choose to do so at a later date. The large chassis means that cool air travels through easily but there’s also less noise thanks to such a smart design. The outside of the case has tone-on-tone colors, an aluminum front bezel with a refined bead-blast finish, and a minimalist design so it looks great wherever you place it.

On the front of the case is one USB-C port along with three USB-A ports. On the back are another two USB-C ports as well as four USB-A ports so you’re all set for hooking up all your accessories. Crucially, there’s great attention to detail across the board with the Dell New XPS Desktop so it’s ideal for work as well as play. Just add on one of the best monitors and you’re all set for a long time to come.

The Dell New XPS Desktop normally costs $2,250 but right now, you can buy it from Dell for $1,750. Saving $450 on the latest model is a deal you really don’t want to miss out on. Take a look for yourself by hitting the buy button below.

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